Hold Water EP


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released July 16, 2016



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KICKASSRAY Kanazawa, Japan

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Track Name: Hourglass [feat.Narumi of United Front]
Just between us , a bit like you

And I'm just write shit about things may bother you

I don't know what is right and its nonsense

No matter how we'll stop it, just flow down

Pile up what we hated again

Its saying in don't let me hold with your rules

Your own hourglass has been to waste somebody stained too late

We have no time for free

I never rely on my past, but its doesn't mean forget

Just lots of guys doesn't understand "put time back"

So let me sing this song again

No looking for the shade to cry anymore
Track Name: Untitled
I feel alone in casual moment

But even in that short time , it would waste for us

It can not be helped even if stopped

Wonder you hands tremble?

Wonder you can not be helped scared?

Cause' teach to you from now listen well

You're squeezing the hand

Even you couldn't find it

I'm waiting or I'll lead you

So come over here beyond hesitation

We still can not lose while I feel alone yet

May I can not save myself when I get all I need

Before time to feel alone is gonna be my girl

Never ends steep road, things aren't same

Until this untitled story gets own name

Go to more back cause I have nothing worthwhile
Track Name: Six Years We Walked
A few years ago my mom said that "on your way" to me

When I got midnight alone,her words never away

Only you will go I want to looking back I thought

Just I shouted never getting back yesterday

Six years we walked

I'm afraid to step new life

Six years we walked

Getting nostalgic in rare cases but

I don't stop my heartbeat so

Fight your wall that you couldn't broke in this six years

Say goodbye
Track Name: 1997
I can't leave you alone

So I confined you to the shed

You're crying again and again

But I ignored it

You were misunderstanding

Something till the dawn

We are facing to the worst sensations but you pretend to be natural

Really you okay? I never wanna see what you don't see,be relieved

You were misunderstanding something till the dawn

Your smile, it never seen the green

Don't leave me and trash your keys

Because you're amazing
Track Name: Sleep
I don't know why my girl makes me see the back

Please stop liked my pics on Instagram

These times I could forget about you

If my feel is same with own back, should I tell you now?

Can you put me in your heart?

I can't put you back in my memory

Even friend or lover for you I don't care

See you later I always think of you

So now I'm going to walk down alone

So hard for me to go out the fucking hole

I'm no scare for doing something anymore

Can you put me in your heart?

Do you remember day we chatted last time

Yet I can't recover anymore?

"We're never enough"(Had I knew it more)

I can't put you back in my memory

Even Friend or lover for you I don't care

See you later I always think of you

So now I'm going to walk down alone